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The layout, as well as the attentive service, allows you to feel like the only people in the restaurant. The staff really have perfected the art of always being there without making you feel you´ve got an extra person in your party

Source: Review by Selena O´Donnell

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Sizzling Dishes

Chef´s Reccomendations  
Sizzling Dishes (Hot Platter)  
Beef Fillet £25.00
King Prawn £16.80
Beef £14.80
Lamb £14.80
Fillet Pork £14.50
Chicken £14.50
Please choose one of our Special Sauces to accompany your dish:

Capital Fruity Sauce
Ginger & Spring onion
Green Pepper & Blackbean Sauce
Lemon Grass Sauce
Black Pepper in Red Wine
This menu is not available on 31st December. Please check our website closer to the time for the special menu available.