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Main Dishes

Duck Dishes    
Duck with Szechuan Garlic Sauce   £16.50
Duck (Cantonese Style)   £16.50
Duck in Plum Sauce   £16.50
Duck in Honey Lemon Sauce   £16.50
Duck in Cointreau Orange Sauce   £16.50
Chicken Dishes    
Chicken with XO Sauce (hot)   £14.00
Chicken with Pineapple   £14.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken   £14.00
Chicken with Chinese Mushroom & Bambooshoots   £14.00
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables   £14.00
Chicken in Satay Sauce   £14.00
Fillet of Chicken in Cointreau Orange Sauce   £14.00
Fillet of Chicken in Lemon Sauce   £14.00
Chicken in Szechuan Garlic Sauce   £14.00
Kung Po Chicken with Cashew Nuts & Chilli   £14.50
Chicken with Fresh Asparagus   £14.80
Beef Dishes    
Beef with XO Sauce (hot)   £14.50
Beef with Satay Sauce   £14.50
Crispy Shredded Beef in Capital Sauce & Chilli   £14.50
Beef with Mixed Vegetables   £14.50
Beef with Chinese Mushroom & Bambooshoots   £14.50
Beef with Szechuan Garlic sauce   £14.50
Beef with Fresh Asparagus   £14.80
Kung Po Beef with Cashew Nuts & Chilli   £14.80
This menu is not available on 31st December. Please check our website closer to the time for the special menu available.