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Our Imperial Banquet is for those of you with a real good appetite. We have selected the best dishes for you, which will not disappoint you

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Shanghai Imperial Banquet E
Minimum for 4 or more persons - £40.00 per person
Salt & Pepper King Prawn & Squid
Spare Ribs in Fruity Capital Sauce
Smoked Shredded Chicken
Crispy Seaweed
Crispy Spring Rolls
Crispy Shredded Aromatic Duck (served with spring onion, cucumber, Hoi Sin Sauce & pancakes)
Main Course:
Steamed Seabass with Spring Onion & Ginger
Chai Sui with Pineapple
Sizzling Beef Fillet with Black Pepper in Red Wine
Crispy Shredded Beef with Chilli
Chicken Fried Rice
This menu is not available on 31st December. Please check our website closer to the time for the special menu available.